Alberta Student Loan Information


Full time students who are residents of Alberta and are seeking financial aid to further their post-secondary education should be taking full advantage of loans and bursaries which are available to them. Students of Alberta who meet standard criteria are eligible to apply for three low-interest loans which are provided by the Government of Canada, the Federal Government of Canada and from the Province of Alberta. These are the best options for students seeking financial aid, because of their zero interest rate while remaining a full time student, and low interest rate after students finish their academic career.

Students who are interested in these loans should see if they are eligible before applying. Students must note that to be eligible for government loans they must be at least taking 60% of a normal course load, completed a high-school level education, have passing grades of 60%, and be a resident of the province of Alberta. The vast majority of those who apply for the previous mentioned loans will receive the financial aid they need in order to continue their post-secondary education. Bursaries on the other hand are not passed out so easily, students must understand that they can not rely on bursaries that they have applied for because only a certain percent will actually receive them; this is why zero interest loans are most common and beneficial for students. If students are interested in studies with establishments outside of Canada you might still be eligible for government loans and bursaries depending on sector of study.